CARE1  a plot, a pilot, an experiment on community empowerment. The one week encounter that took place in Budapest between December 9th to December 14th 2019 , focused on how we build, influence and transform our large community through the chain of our immediate affections and our ability to care.

An archeological gathering of the human ecology with great attraction for a speculative future, regenerative social resilience and the dance floor.

CARE1 hosted with/by:

Imre Vass

Judit Hatfaludi

Linda Carranza

Michael Simmons

Andrea Teréz Sztranka

Luca Borsos

SELF groove

A Bela Assossiaçāo

Ana Rocha

Veronika Szabó

David Somló

Federico Protto

Kingha Fetyko

Betti Balassa

Aleksandra Borys

Patrik Kelemen

Viktor Szeri

Eszter Gál

Nikoletta Szakács

Lörinc Borsos

DJ Veia

Digital PIMP Hard at work

Peter Pleyer

Deeper F. Collective.