• Dancing the Dance at CTiT in Warsaw

    In November I was invited to do Dancing the Dance for an online audience. It was a particular experience that reminded me how live audience is necessary for this work and how working for camera demands different concentration. However I am glad I had a chance to experience this.

  • Ruchome Teksty/ Moving Texts

    Out of dream and desire to create a platform for choreographic conversation I started journal with choreographic texts. In the times when everything moved onto the computer screen Moving Texts are print-it-at-your-home reaction. It is a platform for choreographers to share the choreographic texts, to keep the exchange of the practice, to strengthen the voice […]

  • The Dance That Will Have Happened – text for Grand Re-Union /November Issue

    For the November Issue of Grand Re-Union I was commissioned to write a choreographic text. It was an incredible opportunity to find a way to dance with text and words. If you wish to read the text please follow the link IEARTH / HUMAN BODY / UNIVERSE Score Close the eyes to see Root the […]

  • Our Night Skies

    I am so exited to be part of Our Night Skies project. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Skies and with artists all around the world on this journey. Our Night SkiesA commission by Lumen Studios, funded by Arts Council England Coronavirus Emergency Grant. The film was edited by John Hooper. Lumen […]

  • ciala z wody

    As I re-joined Centrum w Ruchu, I had a pleasure to edit the material filmed and create a soundtrack to it, for the video commission by Contemporary Art Museum in Warsaw. Bodies of Water by Department of Presence at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw In the beginning, there was water. An idea to […]

  • Dancing the Dance in MSN Lodz

    In August, first time since the global pandemic I had an opportunity to perform Dancing the Dance for GALERIA WYMIANY. Organica at Contemporary Art Museum in Lodz. It was a wonderful opportunity to share this movement on-going research with audience in Lodz who was open and generous to recieve the work.

  • Choreography for Dreaming the Future 2020

    Choreography for Dreaming the Future it is an experimental series of tree recordings which invite the listener to dream and fantasise of the desired future. They each offer a guidance for imagination and for the body activity. My dream was for the global pandemic to imagine that there can be a dance gathering happening beyond […]

  • Cosmology Across Country

    Cosmology Across Country this collaboration work started with the question on Aboriginal and European relation to Night Sky in science and culture. with Katina Olsen ( Wakka Wakka and Kombumerri artist) we dive into the complex interrelations between all the bodies. In 2020 we started off with the dream project to take our questions and […]

  • CARE 1

    CARE1  a plot, a pilot, an experiment on community empowerment. The one week encounter that took place in Budapest between December 9th to December 14th 2019 , focused on how we build, influence and transform our large community through the chain of our immediate affections and our ability to care. An archeological gathering of the human […]


    In November in collaboration with Wojtek Grudzinski we created a duet PRYWATKA. Our desire for making this duet began during our shared residency in Movement Research in New York year earlier. Fascinated by our shared history, however experienced in different years, we found a common ground to began our dancing. PRYWATKA [PARTY] In 1989, the […]