Cosmology Across Country

Cosmology Across Country this collaboration work started with the question on Aboriginal and European relation to Night Sky in science and culture. with Katina Olsen ( Wakka Wakka and Kombumerri artist) we dive into the complex interrelations between all the bodies.

In 2020 we started off with the dream project to take our questions and spend time with community, schools, and any interested individuals to co-create the dance by creating space for embodies experience about connection the the Night Sky.

This project aims to be co-created alongside the community, and it is important that is owned by that community, the works is create, performed and remains on Country/ on its land, with its People, under its Sky.

The plan for this year was to introduce and begin working with communities in McKay, Rockhamptown and to continue in Bundaberg and Gympie. After the first two weeks of incredible, revealing and informative journey global pandemic stopped us. Till then we managed to do so much more then ever expected. We created an interest with community in Proserpine, Woorabinda and just began our talks with others wehn it all got postponed…

As we are on very different continents now, we are preparing methodology for the next time with „Cosmology Across the Country” in Australia and Poland.


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