In November in collaboration with Wojtek Grudzinski we created a duet PRYWATKA.

Our desire for making this duet began during our shared residency in Movement Research in New York year earlier. Fascinated by our shared history, however experienced in different years, we found a common ground to began our dancing.


In 1989, the first ever democratic election was held in Poland. Twenty years later Jerzy Buzek was elected the Head of the European Parliament becoming the first person from Eastern Europe to hold such a prominent position in the European Union. At the time, the musical tastes of another generation of Poles was shaped by the collections of tracks BRAVO HITS or POPCORN published by foreign labels.

Irrespective of the geographical latitude, people love people’s votes and poll that can reflect their opinions, tastes or be their pass to a world that they have no access to otherwise. The PRYWATKA Eastern Europeans Take On Movement performance deals with the clash of the Western civilisation with the reality of Eastern Europe that is critical towards it but accepts it sympathetically and uses it.

PRYWATKA is a hit parade consisting of the favourite tracks, memorised gestures and images it is a choreography of memories, a form of a staged report and an identity retrospective.


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