Amazonas Dance/ embodied by land

The physicality of Amazonas is what I miss everyday. My body is longing for the physical state and sensation it experienced back in the rainforest.

For ten days I was exposed to the power and greatness of Amazonas. The experience was overwhelming for my European mind, that could not follow what my body had already understood and begun working with. It took a couple of days until my mind could cope with the physical experience of the senses opening to their fullness, the feeling of the body expanding, losing its boundaries, blurring with the environment.

At first I wanted to produce/create a dance inspired by the experience, by the body was smarter and made me realize that ‘the dance’ started when I arrived in Amazonas, it was my mind that could not process what was already happening. By welcoming and accepting the overwhelming unknown, I started to learn from the environment through the physicality of my body. The physical experience of my senses uniting with uniting with the senses of the Amazon. My body stopped belonging to me, it became part of the environment, it became an elongation of the forest. The fascia that used to define the borders of ‘my body’ connected with fascia of the environment. Entering the network of the forest, my physicality took part in the flow of physicalities between bodies, beings, tress, water, land, air.

This physical experience is a bottomless source of learning, which I try to come back to every day. It was one of the most profound, overwhelming physical experiences I have ever had.

All of it happened within only 10 days. I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to be born into a community which has been living in the Amazon for generations, and see/experience/feel what is being done to the rainforest today.

Above are stills from “emdodied by land” the video I made during LABverde residency. It is 2,5 min long video made with Canon Super8 camera and film. The full video is avilable online under the request.

If interested please contact me on


LABverde Residency Amazon/ Brazil

Next week I will be art of LABverde art+nature+science Residency – Arts Immersion Program in the Amazon/ Brazil. For 10 days 15 artists will meet with scientists and ecologists to explore nature of Amazon. It will be time of talks, lecture, expeditions and art making all in the middle of rain forest.

I will continue working on body+sky+land connection, including discoveries from last trip to Australia and resourcing from the research I have been doing during my MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London. I will be doing some dancing, moving with plants, video making and photographing the experience.

Here I also want to say a great THANK YOU to everyone who supported my crowdfund for this residency. Without your help Gracie Stokes, Zyta Bujacz-Dziel, Renata Lawrance, Jakub Wittchen, Izabela Szymanska, Katina Olsen, Alice Pons, Marek Zawalski, Marta and Stuart Downs it would have not been possible.

Also a great thank you to Institute of Adam Mickiewicz in Warsaw for financial support.

Ready Made Works in Sydney

In May I had a chance to travel to Australia to meet with Katina Olsen. Together we stared our collaboration on human body and stars connection in western and Aboriginal Australia culture.

At first we visited The Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre in South Queensland, which is where part of Katina’s family come from. We had a wonderful meeting there with Yugambeh Elder and museum founder Patricia O’Connor.

Few days later on Central Coast I had a chance to meet up with Gavi Duncan who walk with us to and told the story of the creation from the engravings at Bulgandry Rock. At the end of the meeting he played music for us in the bush.

I went for 5 hours walk along the coast from Norah Head to The Entrance on Central Coast.

On the 8th of May together with Katina we began our Moving Ideas Residency at Ready Made Works in Sydney. It was an amazing time spent in studio on long conversations on cultures, understanding, becoming, including astronomy and ecology. We met visited Power Hous Museum and Sydney Observatory, comparing astronomy, cosmology and night sky itself from northern and southern hemisphere. We had wonderful movement explorations that lead us to creating our own ritual.

The whole residency was very fruitful and inspiring, it seems that we just started to establish the understanding of our collaboration. We are planning for much more to come.

Great thank you to everyone who help us to make this happen: Shirley Olsen, Bart Olsen, Juliette Orl, Ewa Kajkowska, Ali Murphy-Oates, Matt Cornell, Ready Made Works


On the March 30th, I performed in a solo piece “Blur” created by Joanna Lesnierowska, with costium and scenography crated by Michiel Keuper, at the Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk in Poznan, Poland.
More about the show you can find at the link

*photos by Jakub Wittchen

Backstage Video

For the last three months, I was following Jakub Wittchen during his photo session, to document the proces and create short videos from the backstege. We visited crosfit box, experimented with Harley Dadidson motors, and met with a young ballerina. The final effects will be soon avilable online.

Moving the Mirror

In November and  Dacember I was invitedas a one of seven choreographers to join Peter Pleyer and his project “moving the mirror”. The creation looked at the developments in contemporary dance in Poland and Berlin, especially in relation to the process of democratization since the 1990s and the growing relationship between the two countries.

Where does this energy generate from, with which the young Polish and Berlin artists initiate their projects that often have a queer/feminist, utopic and political motivation? This energy and knowledge, that make them question the status quo of once established structures and develop visions to reformulate them?

Since the middle of the 1990s Peter Pleyer pursued a long dance history with the development of contemporary dance in Poland as performer and teacher. During these years he could witness a change in the Polish contemporary dance scene from authoritarian structures of choreographing with traditional dance techniques to more egalitarian, democratic work-methods, in which the mode of creation of material and composition as well as questions about gender and the critic of institutions renew the field of research and performing choreography

In “moving the mirror” these changes are reflected in collaboration with the cast of Polish and Berlin-based artists.

to see the trailer please click here

Artists: Peter Pleyer (artistic direction, choreography)
(dance) Caroline Alexander, Aleksanda Borys, Oliver Connew, Ivan Ekemark, , Anna Nowicka, Paweł Sakowicz, Marysia Stokłosa
(art direction) Michiel Keuper

Curators: Joanna Leśnierowska (ASF), Agnieszka Sosnowska (CSW Zamek Ujazdowski)
Coordinator: Joanna Manecka

Production: Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk /Stary Browar Nowy Taniec