Networking 2.0 at Zacheta

In August we were invited to develop our proposition from last year “Networking” this time working in one of the main spaces of Zacheta National Gallery. The collaboration work created with Ramona Nagabczynska de Barbaro this time needed a third person to join, and we invited Mary Szydlowska.

Networking is a network of unstable relations between objects and bodies.

The main actors of the work by Ramona de Barbaro and Aleksandra Borys are objects lowest in the gallery hierarchy — kept in storage spaces and technical rooms, remnants of exhibitions and art works abandoned in the basement. However, Networking 2.0 is not an attempt to give them a second life, but to listen to the life that already exists in them. These things have their own history and their own spirits/souls. Their choreographies have their own rhythm and their own dramaturgy, which require different modes of perception.

concept: Aleksandra Borys and Ramona de Barbaro
performance: Aleksandra Borys, Ramona de Barbaro, Mary Szydłowska and objects kept in Zachęta storage spaces


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