Bridges Residency in Nicosia

In July 2019 I was invited for Bridges Art Residency in NiMac Nicosia organized by Lia Haraki.

It was an incredible two weeks of diving into Night Sky of Cyprus as the days were extremelly hot. Meeting with local dance art community. I got to witness the latest work of Lia Haraki and engage in supporting this very special work and times.

This experience emphasized the authenicity of the moment and the needs of it in my work. As well as it give the opportunity for me to re-enter relationship with my own body.

Thanks to incredible generousity of local artist I also got to visit Apollo Temple and dive into Cyprus mythology. To visit the main spirit of this island – Aphrodite and her temple I will need to come back here when the time is right.

The residency finished with sharing on the beach in Limmassol. Thank you everyone for such an incredible time and understanding for my work.


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