Ready Made Works in Sydney

In May I had a chance to travel to Australia to meet with Katina Olsen. Together we stared our collaboration on human body and stars connection in western and Aboriginal Australia culture.

At first we visited The Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre in South Queensland, which is where part of Katina’s family come from. We had a wonderful meeting there with Yugambeh Elder and museum founder Patricia O’Connor.

Few days later on Central Coast I had a chance to meet up with Gavi Duncan who walk with us to and told the story of the creation from the engravings at Bulgandry Rock. At the end of the meeting he played music for us in the bush.

I went for 5 hours walk along the coast from Norah Head to The Entrance on Central Coast.

On the 8th of May together with Katina we began our Moving Ideas Residency at Ready Made Works in Sydney. It was an amazing time spent in studio on long conversations on cultures, understanding, becoming, including astronomy and ecology. We met visited Power Hous Museum and Sydney Observatory, comparing astronomy, cosmology and night sky itself from northern and southern hemisphere. We had wonderful movement explorations that lead us to creating our own ritual.

The whole residency was very fruitful and inspiring, it seems that we just started to establish the understanding of our collaboration. We are planning for much more to come.

Great thank you to everyone who help us to make this happen: Shirley Olsen, Bart Olsen, Juliette Orl, Ewa Kajkowska, Ali Murphy-Oates, Matt Cornell, Ready Made Works


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