LABverde Residency Amazon/ Brazil


Next week I will be art of LABverde art+nature+science Residency – Arts Immersion Program in the Amazon/ Brazil. For 10 days 15 artists will meet with scientists and ecologists to explore nature of Amazon. It will be time of talks, lecture, expeditions and art making all in the middle of rain forest.

I will continue working on body+sky+land connection, including discoveries from last trip to Australia and resourcing from the research I have been doing during my MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London. I will be doing some dancing, moving with plants, video making and photographing the experience.

Here I also want to say a great THANK YOU to everyone who supported my crowdfund for this residency. Without your help Gracie Stokes, Zyta Bujacz-Dziel, Renata Lawrance, Jakub Wittchen, Izabela Szymanska, Katina Olsen, Alice Pons, Marek Zawalski, Marta and Stuart Downs it would have not been possible.

Also a great thank you to Institute of Adam Mickiewicz in Warsaw for financial support.


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