IMPACT12 symposium in PACT Zolleven in Essen/ Germany that took place in PACT Zollverein| Choreographisches Zentrum NRW in Essen, 11. – 14. Oktober 2012.
Three days workshops lead by three artists Philipp Gehmacher, Henrik Vibskov, Shana Moulton for 35
participans, including 7 scholars (me being one of them). Interdisciplinary symposium IMPACT has invited artists, practitioners, theoreticians and advanced students in the fields of dance, theatre, performance, visual arts, new media and film to engage critically with the artistic strategies and working methods of progressive guest artists, to test their approaches in practice and to question them with reference to their own background.

The 8th edition, IMPACT12 presents three artistic positions that demonstrate, in the most varied of ways, a human presence in fashion, music, film and performance by revealing a real and concrete practice. Choreographer Philipp Gehmacher is considered an understated ›Poet of Visibility‹, his decisive concepts have for some time now made tangible new communicative dimensions within dance. During this first day we can up with different instalations. The one below “Untitled 1” I co-creaded with Susanne Grau.

Henrik Vibskov, fashion designer and musician, whose productions make objects, atmospheres and performances comprehensible only as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

Shana Moulton, performing filmmaker, whose suggestive visual collages allow projection space and real space to merge into one another and who, equally precisely and ironically, submerges herself as an alter ego and eccentric fictional character into this sound-image-space framework, into the abstruse shallows of our consumerist world. We all created ourown “soul portrets”.


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