Art Stations – Summer workshops for children – Scenography, in Poznan/ Poland





Art Stations is a summer vacation project for youngsters organised by the Art Stations Foundation. During it, we will turn the park adjacent to Stary Browar into a giant art studio for children. The young artists taking part will explore such concepts as installation, matter painting, and environmental art. Learning about difficult notions in art will be turned into a creative and fun game. We will transform the meaning of objects, create large-scale works of art, and learn about various painting techniques; meanwhile the park will be enhanced by the addition of elements conceived of by children. Painting, constructing things, artistic encounters with space and objects – these will be the ultimate goals of our creative fun!

STOP: Scenography!
18.08.2012, 12:00

Designing scenery will be the last stop in our series of summer holiday encounters in the park. Using objects built during earlier sessions, we will work together to create outdoor scenery. We want the youngsters, working under an instructor’s guidance, to fill them with life and moment. It will be left up to the children to decide how dance can be integrated with a space and what results from such a combination.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Age: 5-12
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