2014- 2016 MA Art and Science/ Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts in London
2005- 2009 BA Dance-Performer/ CODARTS – University of the Arts in Rotterdam
1995- 2003 Diploma of Professional Ballet Dancer/ National Ballet School in Lodz

2017 – LABverde art+nature+science / art immersion residency in Adolpho Ducke Reserve administrated by The National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) in Amazonas in Brazil
2017 – Moving Image choreographic residency on astronomy and choreography relations at Ready Made in Sydney
2014 – choreographers in gallery residency during For Each Gesture Another Character exhibition at Art Gallery/ Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk in Poznan
2013/2014 – SPAZIO A European network for dance creation (Amsterdam, Poznan, Zagreb, Bassano Del Grappa)
2013 – re//mix residency at Komuna//Warszawa in Warszawa
2012 – TITLE (This Is Tough Love Everybody) creative residency during Solstice Festival in Cork
2010/2011 Tour d’Europe des Choregraphes funded by the European Commission under the umbrella of the Lifelong Learning programme (Grenoble, Lublin, Hamburg, Dublin, La Coruna)
2010 – SoloProjekt choreographers residency at Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk in Poznan

2015- Research Scholarship by Grazyna Kulczyk
2014- Mloda Polska/ research scholarship of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland
2012- IMPACT12 in PACT Zollverein in Essen
2011- DanceWeb Scholarship for attending ImPlusTanz Festival in Vienna
2010- Art Scholarship from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland

2016 – “SpaceSnake”- for DoUndoRedo exhibition MA 2016, University of The Arts in London – Central Saint Martins
2014 – “Air Mapping” residency creation during exhibition in ASF by Grazyna Kulczyk art gallery in Poznan/ Poland
2013 – “Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin” for re//mix Komuna Warszawa, Poland
2014 – “Movementscape” year long research on relation of walking art and choreography
2012 – “A2C + CA2 + C2A” with Charlotte Spencer and Alexis Clancy at Solstice Residency in Cork, Ireland
2012 – “Bezsens – an action painting” for Warsaw Dance Night in Warsaw, Poland 
2010 – “lost in details” as a result of SOLO Project at Art Stations Foundation in Poznan, Poland
2010 – “double-re-act” with mimoza|mozile in London, UK

2013 – for an year I was a part of Centrum w Ruchu – based Warsaw’s choreographers union

video work:
2015 – 9.81* states of attempts – 8.25min film produced by Grazyna Kulczyk Research Scholarship / London
2013 – UNISONO  – short film produced by kumuna//warszawa in Warsaw
2012 – self portrait – short film realized within SPAZIO programme in Bassano del Grappa
2015/2016 – videographer for London L.A.S.E.R. Leonardo Art and Science Evening Randevous/ 

choreography for drama theatre:
2013 “AYRTON SENNA DA SILVA” Teatr IMKA in Warsaw, director: Łukasz Kos/ writen by: Robert Bolesto
2012 “Twelfth Night, or What You Will | William Shakespeare” Taetr Nowy in Lodz, director: Katarzyna Raduszyńska/ dramaturg: Jagoda Hernik Spalińska
2011 “Cudowne Morderczynie” Baltycki Teatr Dramatyczny in Kolszalin, director: Katarzyna Raduszyńska/ writen by: Katarzyna Raduszyńska and Łukasz Molski

2017 – ” Crancy Bodies Dance Reset” chor. Peter Pleyer prod. SophienSalle Berlin 2017 – “Blur” chor.Joanna Lesnierowska prod. Art Stations Foundation Pozana
2016 – “Moving the Miroor” chor.Peter Pleyer prod. Contemporary Arts Center Warsaw
2013 – “Rooms by the Sea” chor. Joanna Lesnierowska prod.Arts Station Foundation Poznan
2011 – “Again” chor. Lia Haraki prod. Dance House Limmasol
2011 – “Skinology-58 Indizien uber den Korper” dir. and prod. KainKollektive Bohum
2011 – “Rekonstrukcja” chor. Joanna Lesnierowska prod. Arts Station Foundation Poznan
2011 – “Geo Trauma Dance” chor. Martin Spangberg prod. ImpulsTanz Vienna
2010 – ” FORCES” chor. Ugo Dehaes prod. Kwaad Bloed
2010 – “Remix” chor. Kaya Kolodziejczyk prod. komuna//warsawa
2010 – “Dancing Chopin” chor. Marysia Stoklosa, prod. EXPO 2010 Shanghai
2010 – “3 ways to master a kiss or 25minutes kiss at your neck” Aitana Coredero Vico prod. Nona Mechelen/ Frascati Amsterdam
2009 – “Right Hamsphere” chor. Marysia Stoklosa prod. Art Stations Foundation Poznan

2015 – Choreography and Astronomy Movement Lab in Art Station Foundation
2014 – Teatr IMKA in Warsaw – movement/ company classes for actors
2014 – MOVING/DRAWING – can you draw dance? This dance workshops is created for children 5-8 years old within the program Old Brewery New Dance For Children.
2013/ 2014 – Fajfy/ Art Stations Foundation in Poznan, dance classes open for public
2013 – movement in theatre ( kids 6-7 )
2013 – Schools in Teatr Nowy in Poznan, movement in theatre ( teenages 15-18 )
2012/ 2013 – Teachers in Teatr Nowy in Poznan, movement in theatre
2012 – STOP: Scenography! Art Stations Foundation – Summer workshops for children 5-12
2012 – Teatr Nowy in Lodz, movement/ company classes for actors
2011 – Teatr Dramatyczny in Kalisz, movement/ company classes for actors
2011 – KainKollective in Mülheim, contemporary dance/ company classes (professional)
2009 – Dance4Fun – contemporary dance classes (kids 5-7, adults advanced)