2019/ Pod warstwą przyjemności – o spektaklu Aleksandry Borys i Wojciecha Grudzińskiego w ramach CST 2019 ( only in polish)
Adela Uchmańska | |published 19 listopada 2019

2019/ TV Interview during Meet The Neighbours Art Residency at Cite des Elecricien from 27 September 2019

2016/ Interview for Impossible Magazine by Yessica Klein for
PUBLISHED 28 July 2016

2012/ lost in details @ Dance Base in Edinburgh by Stephanie Green ★★★★★
PUBLISHED 09 August 2012

2012/ Curiouser and Curiouser by Lynne Marie Martens ★★★
PUBLISHED August 2012

2012/ Jo across the festival: review Joseph, Lost in Detail, Within this Dust and Puppet Book of Splendour by Jo Turbitt ★★★
PUBLISHED 7 August 2012

2012/ Two for Two from Dance Base by Tramway Young Critics
by Tramway Young Critics for
PUBLISHED August 2012

2010/ FRUIT FOR THE APOCALYPSE: EAST LONDON SOUNDSCAPE by:; Eugenio Pizzorno & Eleanor Sikorski.
PUBLISHED 21 Jul 2010

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