Dancing the Dance

Dancing the Dance / a solo work created in 2018 for Movement Research invitation to present in Judson Church in New York City.

This incredible opportunity gave me a chance to share a choreographic research I have been busy with on re-defying for myself what is it to dance, when does it feel that my body is dancing the dance shared with the environment and universe instead of presenting learned ways of moving.

Dancing the Dance is an attempt to take the outdoor movement practice and bring it into indoors. This was a beginning for this research on movement practice that I continue till this day, as I find closed spaces challenging for my body to move in, this practice allows for discovering the sacred aspect of spaces devoted to dance and searches for relation of them with the body and its movement.

To share those ideas by dancing in Judson Church was the most amazing gift.

I had an opportunity to perform this work few more times in very different environment. It continues the journey of adaptation.


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