Ruchome Teksty/ Moving Texts

Out of dream and desire to create a platform for choreographic conversation I started journal with choreographic texts. In the times when everything moved onto the computer screen Moving Texts are print-it-at-your-home reaction.

It is a platform for choreographers to share the choreographic texts, to keep the exchange of the practice, to strengthen the voice of practicing artists in the field of dance art.

The idea is originally aimed for local dance community in Poland. However it does not exclude anyone who would like to contribute. At the same time the language in which the text is published depends on the author.

Till this day 6 issues were created. All thanks to the offerings of the artists included in the journal. Moving Texts till now are running no-budget. There for are on the break at this moment to re-shape and find ways to support the project are choreographers contributing. You can always support the idea by visiting the link :

Please feel free to visit the website of Forum Tanca where all the numbers are published. You can also visit the instagram or contact me: if you have any questions about past, present or future of Moving Texts/ Ruchome Teksty.


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