Narrating Process Art Exhibition

I was invited to share performance and dance to the opening of Narrating Process Art Exhibition at Copeland Gallery on the 16th of April 2019.

Narrating Process is an exhibition by local artists exploring the theme of narratives. At the forefront of the work is the artistic process itself and the way artists adapt new forms to apply narratives to the world. The show features digital art, printmaking, sculpture, artists books and animation.

OPENING NIGHT: 16th April 19:00-22:00. DJ set from Bed by Midnigh and dance/ performance from Aleks Borys


  • Charlotte Whiston – Silkscreen printmaker
  • Julius Colwyn – Sculptor
  • Oscar Cass-Darweish – Digital artist
  • Simon Crowe – Digital artist
  • Chloe Laurence – Printmaker and video artist
  • Ruini Shi – Video artist
  • Charlotte Humpries – Printmaker
  • Changdan Wu – Book artist
  • Rafael Morales Cendejas – Book artist

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