The Dance of Earth & Human & Universe

The Dance of Earth & Human & Universe is a general idea inspiring projects taking place in near future. The general theme is to wonder and re- imagine the relationship between those tree bodies, how they affect each other, what are the dependencies, how do they support one another, how do they relate, what are the timing and spacing of their relation.

There will be time to explore choreography as an environmental activism art and for practicing the fantasy of re-imagining life on Earth. At the same time we will be looking for ecologically friendly and zero waste ways to make art.

The project aims to re-discover the place and role of dance and choreography in society. Especially in today’s multi-crisis reality, when everything as we knew it is changing and the era of Aquarius is beginning. As a art making nomad I am turning into cosmology, mythology, astrology and astronomy of ancient, native, indigenes cultures for guidance into the fantasy of today and future.

The research and artistic development of the project will be taking place all around. The support for this work comes from private people, friends and strangers and their generosity is overwhelming- thank you!!!


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