MA Art and Science

I am starting my research on relation of choreography and astronomy at MA Art and Science course on Central St. Martins – University of the Art London. I am very pleased with this opportunity. I want to devote this time to developing my artistic practice. It will be based on astronomic knowledge translated to the body and movement. It is the only chance for me to work on collaborating my fascination towards space, astronomy and choreography, body movement. The two years of study will be mostly focused on enriching my knowledge about space and body/movement with no gravity. At the same time I will be constantly challenge to create art works related to my fascination, in other to develop my very own practice. I would be extremely interested to share my research and experiment also with bodies of astronauts experiencing no-gravity, and how does it affect their bodies once they are have to deal with gravity again. I believe my research about the relation of choreography and astronomy can have a big value not only for choreography and movement art but as well for the work of astronauts and their bodies.


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