10 years of Old Brewery New Dance at Malta Festival

This year at the festival is the 10th anniversary of Old Brewery New Dance at Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk celebration 21st till 28th of June in Poznan/ Poland. For this occasion there is a second phase of the Jakub Wittchen exhibition DANCE PEOPLE 2.0  There for the second time I am one of the photographed dance artists.

I am also happy to perform in Joanna Lesnierowska (Rooms by the Sea) from the series exercises in looking showing on 27th of June in Old Brewery New Dance Slodownia +3.

Solo Project Camp is an installation concluding ten years of Solo Project. The idea is to collect all the artists of this residency and have an overview on what happened after.

8 years

23 residents

7 artistic mentors

1 curator

6 days

2 levels of the slodownia


open classe

meetings, talks, choreographic reflections

performance interventions

by Jakub Wittchen

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