first phase of UNISONO research process


The first phase of research for Unisono- re//mix Anna Halprin was a ten days walk from the east to west at the Polish Baltic sea-coast.

baltyk 1











The landscape at the Baltic sea was amazing, inspiring, surprising. Each day it was a different journey. The sun was sinning, the clouds were arriving, the rain would approach. We had days walking with the wind, against the wind, and days were the wind was gone. On our way we met few dogs, wild pigs, fishermen as well as few people just taking a break at the beach. Twice we could finally walk bear feed on the sand. Once we had to walk a cross a river at its end, when it was shallow enough.

The landscape was a beautiful, a life picture that we became a part of. We could witness the movement of the sea at its runoff, at the calm days, we saw the sand flying with the wind, swans fishing, We saw the clouds taking the shape of the sand of the beach, and the lost pieces of wood becoming the greatest sculptures. The light was always different as well as everyday sunset. The woods next to the beach would dance in the windy evenings or would calm down at the easy days.

The walk was possible thanks to the Diadora Polska Grupa Open S.A. I got a jacket to keep me warm in cold days, shoes to walk in, and sports wear to put on.

grupa open


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