Curiouser and Curiouser by Lynne Marie Martens ★★★

by Jakub Wittchen
by Jakub Wittchen

Lynne Marie Martens

has written 26 reviews for Broadway Baby since joining the team in 2012.

The lights slowly fade up on a young woman in a flowing white lacy dress, red bow at the waist, and shiny grey hi-top sneakers. She stares vaguely into the audience, moves forward, then jolts like little insects are squirming about inside her torso and limbs, controlling every squirm until it becomes fluid and repetitive in a dizzying array of movement.This is Aleksandra Borys’ Lost in Details, a dance exploration inspired by Alice in Wonderland. At first, her idiosyncratic character moves in a world of expansive silence; the only sounds are her breath and her joints clicking in and out of specific gestures.During a section of floor work the character’s world becomes more alive and vivid. The music and lights do their own dance for her; a clock strikes triggering shifts between light and shadow. Eventually the dance and the music become one when slow melodic electric guitar accompanies Borys as she writhes to stillness and the lights flash about her.No specific narrative is clear in this solo piece, though one might see the connection to Alice in Wonderland in Borys’ bewildered expressions as she dances. But with realized physicality and a poetic use of space, she communicates the wonderful, whimsical confusion of mythical Wonderland. At all times she maintains absolute control over her body, and while the variety of movement stays in only one or two levels of complexity, she still is a sight to behold.


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