2012/ Two for Two from Dance Base by Tramway Young Critics

by Tramway Young Critics
for vilearts.blogspot.co.uk


Lost in Details  is another Polish entry: a solo, it takes Humpty Dumpty’s words in Through the Looking Glass as a starting point for a twenty-five minute medley of different movement vocabularies and moods. Borys begins shy and in white, the awkwardness of her early grooves interrupted by elegance and style. Her character shifts from emotional stilted to wildly expressive, controlling her body through precise gestures and a choreography that articulates her interior states and sudden changes of temper. Like watching the research of a sophisticated dance scientist, who has never forgotten that choreography is as much about passion as technique, Lost in Details encourages an immediate, visceral response.

Over in Time/Dropper, Jose Agudo plays a similar game: this time, the body is masculine and the restraint of Borys is replaced by a more spectacular vitality. An integrated lighting scheme acts like a partner to Agudo, while his forceful presence flutters between moments of savagery and gentility. Paired with Driftwood, the performance has that same thoughtful intelligence that marks much of Dance Base’s programme: Driftwood adds a cheeky humour and poignancy, two other qualities that Deyes loves to  programme. […]


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