Studio Burdag Creative Residency


Most of April and May I spend at Studio Burdag for Art Creative Residency. Thank you Fundacja Burdag for such an amazing opportunity.
During those weeks I was offered time and space to work on the ideas that were emerging though out the years of my master of art and science studies. I also finally could work with the ideas and impacts from LABverde immersion program in Amazon/ Brazil.

The main change in my practice is the idea of creating sustainable art. Art that is conscious of ecological situation of the Earth and takes the responsibility of the costs of creation. I strongly returned to working with body, movement and choreography. The main idea for the solo I have been working on during the residency is to make a zero waste choreography event. But this is not the only theme of the work.
It is very important to my artistic practice to make honest work that will give space to the wisdom of the body and movement. Given the opportunity of staying at Studio Burdag which is placed in the middle of forest, I used this time for endless walks, talks, dances with tress, soil, plants, stars, wild animals and lakes.
Being offered such a wisdom of the movement from the environment I was surrounded by, my practice focused on welcoming the movement, so it could speak though my body. Purposely I practiced shifting the control over my body from the brain to the movement. And by the movement I mean the idea of divine movement that is a manifestation of life ( or life being the manifestation of it), movement being the manifestation of matter meeting the antimatter.
To keep my brain fed, I wondered a lot about the concepts of ecological art, of art as an activism, choreography as an art for for creating contemporary social ceremonies to help individuals deal, go though, and finds told for creating solutions for the multi- crisis situation we are all facing this days on Earth.
From now on I want my work to grow stronger in those ideas, look for solutions, share, gather, make and dance.


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