Next one, it is a video made as a part of “Unisono” – re//mix Anna Halprin project.
Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin – was created within re//mix 2013 program of komuna//warszawa. Theere are two parts of the project: the creative/ research process and the performance. For the research part Aleksandra Borys invoted Maria Zimpel ( dance ) and Justyna Calińska ( video ) to take part of the work. Finally there are two twin products of this project: a dance performance and a dance video. Both are titled Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin, since both were created under the same circumstances, coming from the same idea, following the same choreographical methods of Anna Halprin, as well as her saying “a body as a part of the landscape”.The dance performance Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin, is an outcome of a movement research of Aleksandra Borys and Maria Zimpel.


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