9.81* states of attempts

In 9.81* states of attempts I work with imagined experience of body in minimum gravity environment. Setting rules for movement research based on scientific research on what changes are happening to the body while away from gravity ( expanding space in joins and between bones, weakening muscles).

I wanted to experiment with body/space relation which on Earth can be described by up or down, front or back and leads to falling and rising setting base for movement orientation. For this project, following research on movement experience in zero-gravity those descriptions mean nothing because this kind of relation of body and space does not exist.

Looking at qualities and physical states of the human body when in the zero gravity environment I worked with movement and composition of body and space.

London 2015
Filmed, Edited and Performed by Aleksandra Borys

with financial support of Research Scholarship 2015 by Grazyna Kulczyk


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