SpaceSnake is a installation piece created of 175 instant pictures that was inspired by The Overview Effect. Created for MA Art and Science degree show in Central Saint Martins – University of The Arts in London.
The individual images represent Earth with Sun, Moon, Saturn and its moons in constellation that is not possible in our solar system. They are placed in sequence together with blank/ black pictures which were taken with closed shutter, in this way they represent “nothing”, and in this installation become an empty space between, or representation of a black matter.
It is 18,5 meters long structure that is exhibited in a way that a viewer can always see images all around, in front or back, above or below, near and far from themselves. The aim is to created a feeling that the Space is all around us.

Collection of collages of Earth in impossible constellations with other heavenly objects, using instant IMPOSSIBLE film, can be found within the installation


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