The research process for Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin


Unisono- re//mix Anna Halprin – it is a proposition of a choreography project that was chosen by Komuna Warszawa to be produced in the re//mix edition 2013. The re//mix program is an idea for younger artists to pick an artist that inspires them in a way and work on their material. I proposed Anna’ s Halprin working methods.

Lately I was wondering about logics of working always in the studio, I realized that I’ve spend the last 20 years of my life moving in the dance studio. During my trip to Australia I started to discover the life outside. I could not help but wonder if there is a way to combine the natural world and the work that I have been doing in the studio. I started to wonder how can I apply those two worlds, and how my experiences in both can inform my movement and understanding of choreography. i started to remember the feeling of creating the world in the dance studio and experiencing the existing world out doors in the wild.

With this fascination I started to look for artists that were busy already applying the outdoors in their work. This is how I looked closer at Anna’s Halprin works and working methods. This is when I wrote my proposal to Komuna Warszawa with my idea of the re//mix. After it was accepted I invited two other artists to collaborate with during this work, Marysia Zimpel ( movement) and Justyna Calinska ( video). We will work in tree sessions. The first one starts al ready in April. The final result and the premiere of the Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin will take place in Komuna Warszawa on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2013 in Warsaw.

first phase of UNISONO research process 


The first phase of research for -UNISONO- Anna Halprin re//mix was a ten days walk from the east to west at the Polish Baltic sea-coast.

baltyk 1     piach    kosc    zachod

The landscape at the Baltic sea was amazing, inspiring, surprising. Each day it was a different journey. The sun was sinning, the clouds were arriving, the rain would approach. We had days walking with the wind, against the wind, and days were the wind was gone. On our way we met few dogs, wild pigs, fishermen as well as few people just taking a break at the beach. Twice we could finally walk bear feed on the sand. Once we had to walk a cross a river at its end, when it was shallow enough.

The landscape was a beautiful, a life picture that we became a part of. We could witness the movement of the sea at its runoff, at the calm days, we saw the sand flying with the wind, swans fishing, We saw the clouds taking the shape of the sand of the beach, and the lost pieces of wood becoming the greatest sculptures. The light was always different as well as everyday sunset. The woods next to the beach would dance in the windy evenings or would calm down at the easy days.

The walk was possible thanks to the Diadora Polska Grupa Open S.A. I got a jacket to keep me warm in cold days, shoes to walk in, and sports wear to put on.

grupa open   diadora


second phase of UNISONO research process


To make a connection to the first phase of the research process UNISONO, in the second phase me and Marysia Zimpel, we did a one day walk north along the Warta river that passes the city Poznan.



The rest of the days we’ve spend in studio of Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk in Poznan. During this time we explored movement language for this particular project, the subject for the research was informed by the experience gained at the walking journey at the Baltic sea. For the time spend in the studio we were experiencing with the idea of for oneness and individuality in the spiral movement. As well as we researched different physical states of the body. We got even a chance to explore the feeling of the body without gravity at the no gravity SPA in Poznan, that we want to thank a lot for.



the third phase of the research


The third phase of working proces of Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin took a place at residency in Borie Croatia. It was amazing, inspiring, creative and productive time. Together with Marysia Zimpel, we could do our body/ movement practice on a rocks at the beach, remembering the experience from studio work in Arts Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk in Poznan. We took our time to observe how the close relation with nature informs our way of using using body and movement. We had a lot of time to work with Justyna Calinska and her video camera to find out what does “body as a part of a landscape” mean for us, and where the idea leads our work to.

* Special thanks to Jacek Chmaj for letting us stay at his house in Borie , Beata Calinska for her amazing camera that we were using and to Adam Mickiewicz Institute for financial support.



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