re-Membering is a solo work created out of the desire to find past and future cosmology of the slavic land. Asking what is the role of art in the apocalyptic times, the work invites desires and fantasies of the past and the future.

The work bases its ideas on the stories of stone arrangements in polish kaszuby. It allows the shapes, legends and energies of the sites to inspire and support the work.

re-Membering is an outdoor choreographic event created by and preformed by Aleksandra Borys.

The project is realised with financial support from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland – Creative Scholarship 2019.

re-Membering was premiered on the 22nd of June 2019, at Instytut Teatralny in Warsaw.

On the 11th of August was presented at Biopolis Festival in Krakow.


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