double re-act


by Neil Fraser

In 2010, I took a part in London-based World Listening Day organized by Fruit of the Apocalypse. In collaboration with duo of musicians mimosa|moize we performed an improvised conversation between sound and movement in minimalistic aesthetic.
We performed “double-re-act” at two London’s venues. The preview of East London Soundscapes project was showed at Cafe Oto, London. The showings were at car part in east London.

Minimal body movements provided Aleksandra Borys.
Minimal sounds provided mimosa|moize / Lucia H. Chung (Taiwan) and Martin J. Thompson (UK).

for World’s Listening Day
production Fruit for the Apocalypse in London, UK

[…] “The best thing I saw in the whole evening was when I had just arrived and all the lights in the car
park were still off. I found a dancer dancing in the dark – she made small focused movement.[…] It
was beautiful performance and because had found it I wanted to continue watching it, however
boring it might have become.” […]
Review by Eleanor Sikorski for 18th July 2010 London, UK.
* click to read the full review


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