A2C + CA2 + C2A

by Marthy Gregor
by Marthy Gregor
by Marthy Gregor
by Marthy Gregor

“A2C + CA2 + C2A” 

Concept: Aleksandra Borys

Creation / Performed by : Aleksandra Borys, Alexis Clancy, Charlotte Spencer
Music: “Madame Butterfly” Giacomo Puccini, David Bowie
Production: Solstice

“Listen: there’s a hell of a good universe next door, let’s go” e.e.cummings

We are all creating our universes. We are all part of this universe and our reality. For this time and space, we invite you to join the 3 of us, as we offer you our tale of a possible universe.

The project was found during the residency This is Though love Everybody/TITLE at solstice festival in Cork. The research was a meeting of art and science. The tree people, two dance artists Aleksandra Borys and Charlotte Spencer, and the abstract mathematician Alexis Clancy would meet 10 times to talk about the rules of universe, creation, life. Out of those meeting came out a tryout performance that needed audience for its existence. The show included a short lecture of Alexis about creation of universe, structural movement and sound improvisation, followed by handing the responsibility of development of the show to the audience. At first it was based on rules given by performers to the audience member, ending with audience member making their own rules. The game was about taking the responsibility of making a choice ( of what will happen during the show time ) as well as being aware of the consequences that followed the choice. I wished that during this game we will bring out the feeling that every single person can have an input on what is happening, and can change everything if wishes so.

by Marthy Gregor
by Marthy Gregor
by Marthy Gregor

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