2014 – “Air Mapping” residency creation during exhibition in ASF by Grazyna Kulczyk art gallery in Poznan/ Poland
2013 – “Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin” for re//mix Komuna Warszawa, Poland.
2010 – “lost in details” as a result of SOLO Project at Art Stations Foundation in Poznan, Poland
2010 – “double-re-act” with mimoza|mozile in London, UK.

works in progress:

2014 – “Movementscape” year long research on relation of walking art and choreography.
2012 – “A2C + CA2 + C2A” with Charlotte Spencer and Alexis Clancy at Solstice Residency in Cork, Ireland.
2012 – “Bezsens – an action painting” for Warsaw Dance Night in Warsaw, Poland.


2013 – for an year I was a part of Centrum w Ruchu – based Warsaw’s choreographers union


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