2010/ 2011 Tour d’Europe des Choregraphes

The Tour d’Europe des Chorégraphes is a cooperative project led by five partners committed to developing contemporary dance. Its purpose is to design and experiment with innovative training programmes specifically targeting the needs of young choreographers over a space of two years.

The project enables a group of ten artists – with a secondary string open to staff of partner structures involved in organising training schemes – to go through training based on the values seen in the «compagnons du Tour de France». This methodology lends great importance to exchanges, mobilities and group interaction, encouraging open-mindedness and adaptation. Learning is based as much on the artistic aspect of the choreographic profession as on technical and administrative issues. The participants stay in five partner cities around Europe (Grenoble in France, A Coruña in Spain, Lublin in Poland, Hamburg in Germany and Dublin in Ireland) where they participate in a variety of training courses, workshops, seminars and gatherings. Additionally, each participant individually follows an on-line distance learning course with the support of an attentive mentor for the duration of the programme.

The Tour d’Europe project is funded by the European Commission under the umbrella of the Lifelong Learning programme.


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