2014 Mloda Polska

In February 2014 Ministry of Culture and National Heritage with National Centre of Culture awarded me with “Mloda Polska 2014” grant for research project “Movementscape” on the relation of walking art and choreography.

The idea is that the project will be finallize with two open for audience choreographic happenings that will engage audience, will awaken a need for active contact with art, but also will give a sense of relaxation and reflection.
During the year long research I will be collecting video footage that will be used as a material for documentary dance film, a site out come of the “Movementscape” research.

The research perios is divided to four parts:
– the first one is devoted to collecting theory knowledge: about walking art, choreography theories, performance, and relations between them;
– the second part is for practicing long term walks, with choreographic tasks. I want to spend this time trying out to implement choreographic approaches to the art of long term walks. I will go for few trips to the different country sides. During each I will collect video footage;
– the third part is a time I will spent on finding out and articulating how the experience of long term walking influenced my choreographic practice. As well as I will edit the footage from the travels to make a documentary dance video;
– during forth part I will preparer an open to the audience event proposition, inspired by the year long experience.


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