2011 DanceWeb

My rapport after five weeks DanceWeb scholarship experience during ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna in 2011.

danceWEB Impressions:

are you danceweb experienced?

there are 3 questions asked when one gets a chance for danceweb experience:
1. what are your expectations for the danceweb program?
2. how are you doing/ how is it during the festival?
3. what is your experience after the danceweb?

to be honest, my answer would be always “I have no idea”.

1. before the danceweb experience even starts, one can not know what to expect. and even if one want to expect something, will get oversurprised with what it will all be at the end.
2. during the danceweb time, one is totally not able to answer such a question as “how are you? how is it going?”, simply because it is a super specific situation and experience. so at the end of the day ( if the end comes at all) one just has no idea what did happen and where to put this experience. the question is more how to adapt to this new system, and how to get all that one wants to get out of it, and how to enjoy all those people one meets there.
3. after the danceweb experience, one needs few days of sleep. and then few weeks of life, to start to realize what, and if it did happen at all. only then step by step, day by day, meeting by meeting, everything starts to make sense. finally the information got at the festival start to be digested, and can slowly stay to grow new ideas in ones mind.


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