re-Membering – it is a solo work created in 2019 I am relating to Stone Arrangements in Kaszuby/ Poland. In one of the description they could have functioned as an astro-calendar and are associated with star cluster of Pleiades and Hydes. Both being part of Seven Sisters stories from all around the world. The stories of this site and thier the shapes, legends and energies allowed to inspire and support the work. Stone Arrangements opened up to me a way to develop relation with the land I was born into, geo-political country called Poland. It give me hope for different past, the memory of the land and night sky I could recognise in myself. Using Old Slavic and Western perspectives of cosmology, the work holds space for spectator to contemplate the past and future of our shared land discovering Earth and its connections to Cosmos. re- Membering is an invitations to discover possible astrological and cultural connections enclosed in these places. This work was created out of the desire to find past and future cosmology of the slavic land. Asking what is the role of art in the apocalyptic times, the work invites desires and fantasies of the past and the future.

re-Membering is an outdoor choreographic event created by and preformed by Aleksandra Borys. The project is realised with financial support from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland – Creative Scholarship 2019.