Momentum* when matter meets antimatter

“Momentum* when matter meets antimatter” is a work that invites audience to share the experience of the physical language that not only human bodies, but also all the beings and all the life on earth share, which is movement. It wishes to invite everyone to focus on, allow yourself to take part in, enjoy the dance that is happening all around.
It wonders of what is the movement, when does it happen and how is it different to dance, or is it?

The idea for making this work started emerging during my residency at LABverde2017 in Amazon, Brazil, when the power of the life all around me at first paralyzed my dance expertise and later led me to the journey to rediscoveries of movement, of physicality, of dance. Looking at my body as a prolongation of the environment that I am surrounded with and vise versa, treatening the landscape as part of the same physicality.

I continued working thanks to an amazing opportunity of art residency at Studio Burdag in the middle of Polish forest, that offered me time and space and let me to go for the journey into unknown, to experiment and allowed for the unknown to emerge.

For this work I am looking into the role of dance art in a society and how can it be helpful in the times when every thing is unsure and the future so unknown. Facing such a ecological, political, economical and social situation there is so much our bodies feel and only a part of it we are able to deal with. I believe that the human body is a prolongation of its surrounding, planet Earth. Therefore everything that is happening on our planet at this time we do experience physically. I wish for this work to be a moment to share those energies and by using my body as a vassal I want to give space for movement that transforms it all into heart opening experience.
I am strongly inspired by the theory that the movement is a product of the meeting of matter and antimatter. This quantum physics statement sounds very poetic and opens my body to another way of welcoming the movement, so it can communicate on bodily level.

The need for this work and for what it feels like an artistic direction reveling in front of me, comes from the wish for more ecologically aware life and decisions in choices making, for finding ways to create, care and celebrate our community/ the global community, for using economics where common wealth is the priority, for politics that support the life of all that are living. Being in the middle of all of what is happening in our reality at the moment I wish for art to be a remedy and source of strength for love as a life energy.

I wish to perform this work in private gardens, public parks, wild forests, any place where a group of people would like to share the time and space. I am happy to do it on donation bases. If you are interested or have any questions about the work and the ways of presenting it, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail:


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