Cosmic Debris : re-Imagining Life on Earth

Cosmic Debris : re-Imagining Life on Earth / in 2018 I collaborated with Marcio Kerber Canabarro, walking the lands in Scotland, Poland and Cyprus to end up in London. We experienced the relations and learned from other humans, the living land and all other beings. This work was based in the question of how to make and what would it mean to create „zero waste choreography?” With this question and no institutional support we began the creative process.

Every part, experience, situation was a discovery, and we kept practising open mind, open heart and trust any situation to teach us about this work. From this experience I began to give attention and cherish the exchange of movement which takes place at all the time, at any give place and kept on learning from it. Allowing myself to wildly fantasise about the outcome of choreography and its reasoning. Ever since my choreographic work focused on offering sensorial experience, and on being a platform for the bodily exchange with the witness.

We searched and imagined future cosmology and archaeology. Allowing the fantasy of present time to crate art of the future. For the out come we created durational work, which take place during four days in the Crypt Gallery of Lumen Studio, in a church in Bethnal Green London. Everyday we would spend 8 hours performing, with or without any witnesses. It was a great experience on how and why would the dance continue and for whom/ what beings present or not? The installation offered space and time to share with performance and welcomes everyone into the created fantasy of reality, where nothing is garbage but every piece of waste can become a magic tool, and human body it a tool to navigate in its realm.


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