embodied by land – was made during LABverde Art Immersion Program 2017 in The Amazon/ Brazil

made with Canon Super8 Camera and Kodak Super8 Film
Filmed and Edited by Aleksandra Borys

9.81* states of attempts – is a work where I try to recreate the imagined experience of body in minimum gravity environment. Setting rules for movement research based on scientific research on what changes are happening to the body while away from gravity ( expanding space in joins and between bones, weakening muscles). I wanted to experiment with body/space relation which on Earth can be described by up or down, front or back and leads to falling and rising setting base for movement orientation. For this project, following research on movement experience in zero-gravity those descriptions mean nothing because this kind of relation of body and space does not exist.
Looking at qualities and physical states of the human body when in the zero gravity environment I worked with movement and composition of body and space.
London 2015
Filmed, Edited and Performed by Aleksandra Borys

song by Federico Luz
directed with , and edited by Aleks Borys, 2021

password: uni
directed by Aleksandra Borys
filmed and edited by Justyna Calinska
performed by Aleksandra Borys and Maria Zimpel
Borie 2013
Ciala z Wody
by Centrum w Ruchu http://www.centrumwruchu.pl
performance: Maria Stoklosa, Izabela Szostak, Aleksandra Osowicz, Izabela Chlewinska
camera: Laura Ociepa
video edit: Aleksandra Borys
sound: Aleksandra Borys
Poland 2020
“Bodies of Water” is a series of activities realized for the Department of Presence at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw by Centrum w Ruchu.

Lumen Studios have commissioned artists from all over the globe to create a time-lapse of the night sky. Artists filmed a time lapse of the night sky safely from their back yard, garden or isolated park. Looking up at the sky is a shared experience, and is an act that connects us to our distant ancestors as they would have seen a similar view. Due to the constellations differing depending on our position in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, we see the night sky from slightly different angles. By combining the views of the stars together in one video, we get a feeling of the Earth spinning through space from a range of vantage points. As a result, the video seems both disorientating and dizzying. During these times of coronavirus, we may feel as though we are not able to explore the landscape as we usually would. Instead, we hope that viewers may be encouraged to explore the universe above their head from their immediate surroundings. There are many things to be seen by looking up, and it helps us to connect to others that may be enjoying the view at the same time.
Commissioned Artists
Aki Poon (Hong Kong)
Aleks Borys (Poland)
Andreas Olesen (Denmark)
Ashwin Ezhumalai (India)
Dorothy Cheung (Hong Kong)
Yukako Tanaka (Japan)
Esther Hanko (The Netherlands)
Elody Libe (Montreal)
Gil Zablodovsky (Tel Aviv)
Jaz Morrison (England)
Jenny Akerlund (Sweden)
Joe Patrick Shellard (Scotland)
Karolin Schwab (Germany)
Louise Beer (New Zealand)
Nenad Nedeljkov (Serbia)
Pauline Woolley (England)
Roman Gaditskiy (Russia)
Thomas Lord (New Zealand)