• lost in details @ Dance Base in Edinburgh by Stephanie Green theskinny.co.uk ★★★★★

    5/5 stars REVIEW BY STEPHANIE GREEN. PUBLISHED 09 AUGUST 2012 for theskinny.co.uk This is visceral dance theatre at its best. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland,  Polish Aleksandra Borys’s piece is steeped in Lewis Carroll but it is not a literal retelling of the story – there is no need since the story is so well known.  Alice’s red […]

  • Jo Turbitt www.acrossthearts.co.uk ★★★

    Jo Turbitt reviews Joseph, Lost in Detail, Within this Dust and Puppet Book of Splendour. Jo across the festival: 7th August 2012 – Dance Base (day two) and Puppet Book of Splendour. for acrossthearts.co.uk A gorgeous festival day; the city is buzzing with sunshine and the venues are simmering away in the heat with happy smiley […]

  • Two for Two from Dance Base by Tramway Young Critics

    by Tramway Young Critics for vilearts.blogspot.co.uk […] Lost in Details  is another Polish entry: a solo, it takes Humpty Dumpty’s words in Through the Looking Glass as a starting point for a twenty-five minute medley of different movement vocabularies and moods. Borys begins shy and in white, the awkwardness of her early grooves interrupted by elegance and style. […]

  • Curiouser and Curiouser by Lynne Marie Martens broadwaybaby.com ★★★

    Reviewer: Lynne Marie Martens has written 26 reviews for Broadway Baby since joining the team in 2012. broadwaybaby.com The lights slowly fade up on a young woman in a flowing white lacy dress, red bow at the waist, and shiny grey hi-top sneakers. She stares vaguely into the audience, moves forward, then jolts like little […]


    21 Jul 2010 By: www.bellyflopmag.com; Eugenio Pizzorno & Eleanor Sikorski Fruit for the Apocalypse, a new artist collective, organized their first event in conjunction with the first celebration of the World Listening Day, launched by the Chicago based World Listening Project, in partnership with the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology on the 18th of July (for […]