• “Mloda Polska 2014” grant for “Movementscape” research

    In February 2014 Ministry of Culture and National Heritage with National Centre of Culture awarded me with “Mloda Polska 2014” grant for research project “Movementscape” on the relation of walking art and choreography. The idea is that the project will be finallize with two open for audience choreographic happenings that will engage audience, will awaken […]


    Air Mapping project was created during a week art residency for choreographers during the exhibition “For Each Gesture Another Character” in gallery art of Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk in Poznan/ Poland. I used the residency time to continue my research from 2012 that took place in Cork/ Ireland, where I started to work […]

  • MOVING/DRAWING – dance workshops for children

    MOVING/DRAWING – can you draw dance? This dance workshops is created for children 5-8 years old within the program Old Brewery New Dance For Children. During the workshop we will combine movement with drawing: using your body within space at the same time drawing with a crayon on paper. This will reveal how dance is […]

  • For Each Gesture Another Character – opening

    On the 16th of January 2014 there was opening of an exhibition For Each Gesture Another Character. During the exhibition I will be one of three artists in residency in Art Stations gallery, 8th till 15th March 2014. “For Each Gesture Another Character marks the opening of the celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the […]

  • 17th International Dance Theatres Festival in Lublin/ Poland

    On the 11th f November  at 9pm in Black Hall CK ( Centrum Kultury Lublin ) Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin will be presented at the 17th International Dance Theatres festival in Lublin/ Poland as a performance closing this year edition.

  • Learning from Warsaw

    CENTRALA w RUCHU. Urban Dance Lab Learning from Warsaw #1 DAY (30 September) – Phenomenology of architecture #2 DAY (1 October) – Space layers #3 DAY (2 October ) – Project Three days project that involved choreographers from Centrum w Ruchu and architects from Centrala, both based in Warsaw. The idea was to create a […]


    From July 2013 I am one of six young choreographers chosen to be a scholar for the second edition of  SPAZIO a European artistic and educational programme for young choreographers. Its interdisciplinary nature reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the art of contemporary dance and its ambition is to create a new generation of dance creators – […]

  • – Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin in MS2 Lodz

    On the 3rd of July at 7pm – Unisono- re//mix Anna Halprin will be presented at Museum of Art MS2 in Lodz. And here is a trailer from the show in Warsaw. Enjoy !

  • – Unisono – film

    On the 31st of July in Museum of Art MS2 in Lodz there was a premiere of a – Unisono – film. Here is a trailer of it. We are very happy to share it !

  • Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin

    I am happy to invite everyone this weekend of 22nd and 23rd of June 2013 for the two premier showings of Uniosono – re//mix Anna Halprin at 7p.m. in komuna//warszawa ul. Lubelska 30 in Warsaw. Unisono – re//mix Anna Halprin concept: Aleksandra Borys creation & realization: Aleksandra Borys, Marysia Zimpel, Justyna Calińska costiums: Małgosia Bochenek […]