• Cosmic Debris : re-Imagining Life on Earth

    Cosmic Debris : Re-Imagining Life on Earth is a installation created from the experience of expeditions to Scotland, Poland and Cyprus where we looked for zero-waste choreography and ways of life. We searched and imagined future cosmology and archeology. Allowing the fantasy of present time to crate art of the future. The installation is offering […]

  • The Dance of Earth & Human & Universe

    The Dance of Earth & Human & Universe is a general idea inspiring projects taking place in near future. The general theme is to wonder and re- imagine the relationship between those tree bodies, how they affect each other, what are the dependencies, how do they support one another, how do they relate, what are […]

  • Momentum* when matter meets antimatter in Hackney, London

    Thank you everyone who came to “Momentum* when matter meets antimatter” in Middlesex Filter Beds, Hackney Marshes in London. It was wonderful to have a chance to dance in such a wonderful site. As this summer in London is hot and dry, the grass was yellow and so the colors were particular. Thank you everyone […]

  • momentum* when matter meets anti-matter @Stary Browar na Malcie Festival

    During the Stary Browar na Malcie Festival I had a chance to share my newest work “momentum* when matter meets anti-matter”. It was an amazing two days of meeting with people, sharing thoughts and dance, spending time with the environment and dancing with the rain. “Momentum* when matter meets antimatter” is a work that invites […]

  • Studio Burdag Creative Residency

    Studio Burdag Creative Residency

    Most of April and May I spend at Studio Burdag for Art Creative Residency. Thank you Fundacja Burdag for such an amazing opportunity. During those weeks I was offered time and space to work on the ideas that were emerging though out the years of my master of art and science studies. I also finally […]

  • embodied by land in Brighton

    ‘The Presence of Boundless Potentiality in The Thought World and the Society of Nature’ is a presentation of works and research by Sabina Sallis and guest artists Aleksandra Borys and Naomi Bailey-Cooper that grew out of a residency that the three artists participated in last year at Labverde in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil. Launch event // […]

  • embodied by land on Costa Rica

    On the dates 14th and 15th of February for “All the World’s a Display” series “embodied by land” was invited by curator Katarzyna Sobucka to join the short video screenings in Veinti4/Siete Galeria in Sao Jose, Costa Rica. The program includes other artists and will be running for couple of days during Arts City Tour […]

  • SpaceSnake in London

    Thank you Stephany Wong and Taylor St Baristas Chancery Lane for having the series of SpaceSnake images on you walls ! Anyone in or visiting London February – March stop by this wonderful places for a great cup of coffee in a company of some fantasies on Earth and Saturn romance.

  • LABVERDE 2017 online book

    LABVERDE2017 Art Immersion Program in the Amazon catalogue is avilable online www.labverde.com The catalugue includes all the artists participating in LABVERDE in 2017, with thier created works, texts and links to the video. By following the link here you can view my new film “embodied by land” filmed with Canon Super8 camera and Kodak Super8 […]

  • LABverde

    Amazonas Dance/ embodied by land The physicality of Amazonas is what I miss everyday. My body is longing for the physical state and sensation it experienced back in the rainforest. For ten days I was exposed to the power and greatness of Amazonas. The experience was overwhelming for my European mind, that could not follow […]