Meeting the Neigbours in Cite des Electiciens

I got invited for Meet the Neighbours residency by Comédie de Béthune to Cité des Électriciens. For two weeks I would live and work there. In the public place that became the monument of the city and it’s history.

My interest was to meet as many people I could and offer them workshops during which we would engage with the plants growing on the side and with the history they remember by emboding our experience. I offered staying, sitting and dancing with the place.

It was an incredible opportunity to meet and work with grand and grand-grand children of the immigrants that arrived here and created the history.

By the end of my stay I offered and afternoon with my on-going dance research on re-membering.

Networking 2.0 at Zacheta

In August we were invited to develop our proposition from last year “Networking” this time working in one of the main spaces of Zacheta National Gallery. The collaboration work created with Ramona Nagabczynska de Barbaro this time needed a third person to join, and we invited Mary Szydlowska.

Networking is a network of unstable relations between objects and bodies.

The main actors of the work by Ramona de Barbaro and Aleksandra Borys are objects lowest in the gallery hierarchy — kept in storage spaces and technical rooms, remnants of exhibitions and art works abandoned in the basement. However, Networking 2.0 is not an attempt to give them a second life, but to listen to the life that already exists in them. These things have their own history and their own spirits/souls. Their choreographies have their own rhythm and their own dramaturgy, which require different modes of perception.

concept: Aleksandra Borys and Ramona de Barbaro
performance: Aleksandra Borys, Ramona de Barbaro, Mary Szydłowska and objects kept in Zachęta storage spaces

Bridges Residency in Nicosia

In July 2019 I was invited for Bridges Art Residency in NiMac Nicosia organized by Lia Haraki.

It was an incredible two weeks of diving into Night Sky of Cyprus as the days were extremelly hot. Meeting with local dance art community. I got to witness the latest work of Lia Haraki and engage in supporting this very special work and times.

This experience emphasized the authenicity of the moment and the needs of it in my work. As well as it give the opportunity for me to re-enter relationship with my own body.

Thanks to incredible generousity of local artist I also got to visit Apollo Temple and dive into Cyprus mythology. To visit the main spirit of this island – Aphrodite and her temple I will need to come back here when the time is right.

The residency finished with sharing on the beach in Limmassol. Thank you everyone for such an incredible time and understanding for my work.


re-Memebering is a new choreographic work by Aleksandra Borys.

The premiere will take a place in Instytut Teatralny in Warsaw, 22nd of June 2019 at 5pm.

The work is inspired by this year research on stone arrangements in Kaszuby, and its fantasy on slavic cosmology of this land. The project invites possible astrological and cultural connections enclosed in those sides.

re-Memberig is a performance which holds the space for the participants to fantasise on past and future of shared land – Earth , and it s connections to Cosmos.

Great thanks to Instytut Teatralny for offering their garden, and Jakub Wittchen for the photo.

The project was created thanks to financial support from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland Scholarship 2019.

Narrating Process Art Exhibition

I was invited to share performance and dance to the opening of Narrating Process Art Exhibition at Copeland Gallery on the 16th of April 2019.

Narrating Process is an exhibition by local artists exploring the theme of narratives. At the forefront of the work is the artistic process itself and the way artists adapt new forms to apply narratives to the world. The show features digital art, printmaking, sculpture, artists books and animation.

OPENING NIGHT: 16th April 19:00-22:00. DJ set from Bed by Midnigh and dance/ performance from Aleks Borys


  • Charlotte Whiston – Silkscreen printmaker
  • Julius Colwyn – Sculptor
  • Oscar Cass-Darweish – Digital artist
  • Simon Crowe – Digital artist
  • Chloe Laurence – Printmaker and video artist
  • Ruini Shi – Video artist
  • Charlotte Humpries – Printmaker
  • Changdan Wu – Book artist
  • Rafael Morales Cendejas – Book artist

Stone Arrangements

After our residency in Brisbane, together with Katina Olsen we continued our journey into our shared Night Sky relation with the Body. This time we visited Stone Arragements in Kaszuby/ Poland. Creating dreams and fantasies on the Seven Sisters stories that are shared all around the world and have their place here as well.

Thanks to this visit another way to develop and create our shared work opened in front of us. Our hears and mind were full of joy and dreams for further development.

L.A.S.E.R. and Art for the Environment with LabVerde Alumni

LabVerde art residency program was invited to London L.A.S.E.R round de vous to talk about art in Amazon. As a participant of the 2017 edition, I was invited to share my thoughts about the experience. My turn starts at 22:50 min :

The same month I was invited to speak at the evening at University of the Arts in London, Art for the Environment: Creative Practice in the Amazon. Along other UAL graduates who also took part in this residency through out four years.

BareBones Residency at BlakDance

Together with Katina Olsen ( Wakka Wakka, Kombumerri ) we have been developing our collaboration on relationship of Human Body and Night Sky / choreography and astronomy in Western European and Aboriginal Australian Culture. Thanks to BlakDance we were offered a four weeks residency BareBones to dive into our ideas and desires.

It was an incredible time to explore choreographic practices in the studio. But also visiting the Land of Katina’s Kombumerri Family. As well as learning the stories and histories of the Country. Meeting Family and being invited to the gatherings.

Throu out this time our relation to the work grew within us, we started to learn it’s language and hear it’s needs.

By the end if this incredible time we had a chance to share with audience our ideas, thought and desires for further development.

Dancing the Dance in Movement Research at Judson Church in New York City

I was invited for two weeks study visit at Movement Research in New York City which included performing on the 3rd of December at Judson Church. This incredible opportunity gave me a chance to share a choreographic research I have been busy with on re-defying for myself what is it to dance, when does it feel that my body is dancing the dance shared with the environment and universe instead of presenting learned ways of moving.

To share those ideas by dancing in Judson Church was the most amazing gift.