Relaxing Body Work Treatment / 1h


I am offering Relaxing Body Work Treatment in London
It is an 1 hour body treatment based on various body practises I have worked with in my dance education and career for over the past 10 years. Now I wish to share it with people of various backgrounds, after all we all have a body, and it does need taking care of.
Body work is a form of a relaxing massage which concentrates on your skeleton, bones and joints, and fascia the connecting tissue. It does help to give a space for the energy to travel freely within your body, as well as it makes you feel like there is more space in your joints. All of this is happening while you lie down on the floor and for 1 hour focus on your breath and on welcoming the touch that is offered.
All you need to get ready for it is to put on some comfy clothes and have enough space on the floor to fit your body. I will arrive to your place with organic cotton mat and we are ready to start. At the end of the session you feel like a new born or at least relaxed and connected to your body. The practice helps releasing tensions from the body and awakens the nervous system.
Please get in touch if you would like to book Relaxing Body Work session
via e-mail
or text 07971913418
The costs of 1 hour Body Work Treatment is only 40£
Hope to see you aroun

I hope to see you soon